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Welcome to the TransGeorgia website, a local, collaborative resource for trans people in the state of Georgia, seeking to provide information and contacts for enabling a better quality of life. We're a free, open project formerly directed by ATAC, but currently directed by Connor Gillis, operating out of the Atlanta area.

Currently, please pardon our progress as this very new project gets updated and revived.

Note on Language: Currently, we use the word "trans" to include all gender identities (or lack thereof) which may include terms like : transgender, transsexual, FTM, MTF, MTM, FTF, genderqueer, two-spirit, gender-non-conforming, and gender variant, among others. This list is by no means exhaustive. We recognize the difficulty in honoring all of our identities without listing the many possible labels. We are currently using the term "trans" as our most inclusive option.

Resources for trans people

If you're a trans person living in Georgia looking for help with your transition, start browsing here.

Clicking any region in the first column will take you to a page describing what area that covers and a list of pages containing information specifically pertaining to that region. Either the page will have a section devoted to that region or will be about something wholly within that region. (Even if a link is red, it may still list pages, so check it out.)

The second column is a list of general categories helpful for finding resources by type. (Even if a link is red, it may still list pages, so check it out.)

The third column contains helpful reference lists to find a specific person or thing quickly, such as a therapist or a hair stylist.

By region of Georgia Browse categories Reference lists

Information for allies, partners, and families

Information for outside of Georgia

Want to help TransGeorgia?

TransGeorgia is a very new, collaborative project, and you're welcome to help out! Contact us to find out how to help out; there's tons of tasks to do, and new editors are welcome!