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Statewide Resources:

GA Compass: This site has an on-line quiz for Georgia residents to determine their eligibility for various government assistance resources, as well as on-line applications for those programs, a page to check your application status, and web forms to change your info with state agencies.


Bike Athens has a <a href=''> bike recycling program. </a> Volunteers can learn bike repair through their work sessions, and those in need of a free bike can apply via the <a href=''> Athens Area homeless shelter, </a> at (706-354-0423)

Free IT Athens takes donated computers, rebuilds them, and provides low-cost refurbished personal computers to people who need them, as well as providing low-cost repair and tech support to individuals and non-profit organizations. They also teach volunteers to repair computers themselves, no experience necessary. For more info, see

The NE Ga Food Bank can provide groceries. (I believe there's a way to get groceries directly; they also have 250+ partner organizations across north Georgia.


SoPo Bike Co-op offers bicycle repair help, tools, parts and bikes on a suggested donation, no one turned away model.

Hope Through Divine Intervention's Open Arms project offers "Transitional housing for persons living with HIV/AIDS, including Transgendered Persons." See for more details.

The Feminist Women's Health Center provides healthcare services on a sliding scale. Bottom of the sliding scale for bloodwork is $50; for pelvic exams is $65. Lab work & STI screenings are available for patients of any gender. Other healthcare expertise is specifically geared towards FTM-spectrum people, intersex people, and cissexual women. Services include annual physical exams (including lower and pelvic exams), HPV testing, chest exams (pre and post-surgical), pelvic ultrasounds, STI screenings, and lab work as needed. In addition, they provide testosterone prescriptions to trans men interested in Hormone Replacement. Hopefully they will expand additional services to trans women soon. See for more information.