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This project was founded collectively in 2008 by the Athens Transgender Advocacy Coalition (ATAC). ATAC is a group of trans-identified people, partners, allies, and professionals located in and around Athens, Georgia. We work to promote trans-inclusive rights and policies, provide support and assistance for those transitioning, and generally work for a higher quality of life for transgender people living in Athens and throughout Georgia by way of activism.

In 2009, several of the founding members of ATAC, relocated to new cities, and the TransGeorgia project fell by the wayside. In 2011, Connor Gillis, one of the founding members of ATAC, realized that our trans Georgia community needs centralization of information in regards to seeking trans friendly services. He is reviving this project, and looking to team up with organizations and individuals in order to take it to the next level.

Unfortunately, ATAC has since dissolved.

To contact Connor:

  • transgendergeorgia(at)

You're invited to contact Connor with any questions, requests, comments, or concerns about TransGeorgia. See also the contact page for more contact information regarding TransGeorgia. Any communication with Connor will be kept confidential.